Only the Best Will Do.

Chase Marketing draws on a broad network of seasoned professionals in sales, marketing, fund raising and business development to meet your requirements:

How we’re special :

Visionary: Out of the box thinkers for fund raising challenges

Nimble: Do what it takes to deliver the service

Rigorous: No “surface jobs”; dig in, address thorny issues, develop solutions to the core problem

Clear: Express complex topics in straightforward terms that resonate with audiences

Self-managed: Require very little information and hand-holding

Knowledgeable: Understand an industry inside and out

Strategic Communication

Kathryn Robinson

Seasoned writer, highly creative, vast journalist experience.

Audrey Thompson

Clear thinker and writer, always producing beautiful, bright copy.

Derek Dujardin

Big, conceptual thinker, highly creative, strategy-focused, story-minded. Knows how to stay on message.

Project Management

Lynn Rauch
Project Manager

Versatile and top-notch project manager and HR expert.

Shannon Mapp
Project Manager

Mulit-talented manager and writer with deep tech experience.


Pat Hansen

Top Seattle designer, always producing quality. PowerPoint guru. Knack for getting the right colors.

Quantitative Analysis

Frank Fox

Expertise in healthcare economics, utilization, financial modeling, market research and statistical analysis.