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Messaging Frameworks

In today’s competitive market, your company needs a consistent blueprint for communicating with customers. Chase works with you to craft a Messaging Framework – an invaluable document that gives your marketing and sales teams a consistent voice across all mediums: sales collateral, Web, print, and social media.

We focus on developing competitive differentiation that creates customer loyalty and a reason to buy from you.

To make the most of your marketing dollar, your Messaging Framework must have messages that are meaningful, relevant and substantial. They are designed to make you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Value Propositions

Chase develops a carefully articulated value proposition that is unique to your organization. Your value proposition is your promise to your patients, customers, or community—and is the foundation for every piece of communication you produce. It underscores who you are, how you are unique, and why people should prefer your organization over others.

With Chase’s help, your value proposition can reach people’s hearts and minds and resonate with what’s important to them in ways that remain clear, credible, and memorable. We can slingshot you past your competition.


Sales Collateral

We are experts in developing customized sales collateral that may include customer presentations, web copy, internal sales guides, datasheets, white papers, playbooks, proposals and case studies.

We guide you in formulating unique propositions and tailoring messages to specific industries and customer types. We recommend structures and formats, and write the content so you can deliver top-notch marketing materials to your sales people. We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of projects and we can for you, too.


True North Messaging Workshop

Do you truly know where you excel above other organizations?

The workshop is a four to six hour session where we bring leaders from departments with these objectives in mind:

  • Agree on the top areas of focus based on market opportunity, where you are currently engaged, and your respective and mutual strengths.
  • Define where your company, product or service is truly unique.
  • Define passion and core purpose
  • Create alignment so departments or partnerships understand how to work together moving forward

Through this process, we help you find the “white space” that sits between the prefilled spaces in the minds of your customers.


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