Business Plans

These essential documents present all aspects of your intended program and goals, so that boards, executives, investors, and supporters understand the direction you want to go and are willing to go there with you.

To produce your winning business plan, we gather input from executives, finance, HR, operations, and other teams to clarify and define your initiative. We’ll also assess your market if needed. From What & Why to When & How, we make sure your readers understand your goals and can take judicious action, increasing your chance of success.


Communication Plans

A well-oiled internal communications system is fast, reliable, and efficient. It’s also a key contributor to your workplace productivity. Achieving it takes discipline and time and follows a well-defined communications plan.

This plan is the roadmap for how you will communicate to each key audience (employee type), how often, and why. It clarifies your messaging objectives by audience, identifies suitable formats and distribution channels for them, and can provide guidance on messaging that resonates with each one.


Annual Sustainability Plans

Especially crucial for non-for-profit organizations, these strategic planning documents are the blueprints for building a fundraising body that can advance your organization’s mission amid shifting market conditions.

A well-framed annual sustainability plan addresses all components of fund development—from fund raising and strategic goals, to solicitation and cultivation strategies, to measurement and budget allocation. With it, your foundation can build long-term philanthropic relationships and propel every aspect of your operation. View our video on creating annual sustainability



Workshops are an ideal venue for achieving a unified vision or definition of a project, goal, plan, or initiative by gathering and exploring cross-functional viewpoints, issues, options, and priorities. They work best when participants leave feeling that their time has been valued, their input has been heard, and that the whole process was engaging instead of a drag.

If a workshop is your best path toward your business objectives, we’ll help you define its purpose, goals, decision-making process, and facilitation, as well as how to involve your participants in fun and creative ways. After the workshop is over, we deliver a clear write-up of the outcomes, with next steps and a roadmap that your entire company can work from.