“They’re good.” (We get this a lot.)

Marla Schimke, Vice President Marketing, Audiencescience:

"I have worked with many consultants over the years and Jeanne is by far the best. She is always highly professional, a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend her. She is a quick study on new businesses as she has had to do this in her consulting practice over the years-very much a high productivity approach. The quality of the work she produced always met or exceeded my expectations in very demanding and fast-paced environments like Microsoft and Ernst and Young."

Meredith Vaughn, System Director or Planning and Strategy, PeaceHealth Craig Rixon, System Director of Finance, PeaceHealth

"Jeanne served as the main writer for a major strategic business plan involving the acquisition of a healthcare system. Our experience with Jeanne was excellent. She very quickly learned background and gained understanding of the complex market and business in order to accurately capture key points and raise specific questions. Her ability to take data from a variety of sources and pull it together into a cohesive plan was impressive. Jeanne worked very well within our tight timeframes and was always responsive to meeting changed deadlines. One aspect we especially appreciated was her ability to continually challenge us to make sure the language was concise and communicated the key points. In addition, Jeanne was delightful to work with."

Trish May Former Microsoft executive, Founder of Athena Partners

"I worked with Jeanne at Microsoft and can say that she is one of those rare people who is quick, resourceful, reliable, and very capable. She is great at filling in on smaller projects and then becomes indispensable on larger ones."